One of Little Maille’s commitment is to act while being conscious of our impact on the planet. Considering this we have developed and put in place a programme called “Care & Share”. This programme consists of giving simple advice to take good care of your knits and then allowing you to exchange (resell) your knit once you don’t need it anymore.

You care about beautiful garments and you believe in upcycling rather than over-consuming?… this programme is made for you…Follow these simple advice so you can take good care of your knit and make other children use it in the future.


  • Hand wash with lukewarm water
  • Use a gentle detergent or baby shampoo. You are washing animal fibers, thus baby shampoo is perfect as it is designed for gently cleaning hair fibers, so they apply to animal fibers as well
  • Laundry soap and Woolite can be too harsh for the alpaca fibers
  • Never use bleach!
  • Rinse well and gently squeeze your knit
  • Lay the product flat on a towel and roll your knit up in the towel to absorb water
  • Lay it flat on a dry towel, reshape it to its original dimensions and allow it to dry naturally, not directly exposed under the sun


Summer is here and you need to store your knits? Before storing make sure your knit is clean…moth love dirty fibers. Also make sure your knit is fully dry. Store your knit in a sealed container, use dry lavender or cedar or any other natural product to keep the moth away, avoid using mothballs.


Alpaca wool is resistant to pilling. However if small pills appear, do not pull them off with your hands but cut them out with a small scissors.

You took good care of your knit but your child has grown up and cannot wear it anymore? Little Maille gives you the possibility to resell your knit via its second hand section. If you would like to resell your knit send us an email at together with pictures so we could determine the selling price. You will receive the sales amount entirely, the only responsibility you will have is to send the knit to its new owner.

To see the items currently available on the Care & Share market place, check here…