We are a mother-daughter duo, passionate about the art of knitting and more globally about hand-made products. Little Maille was conceived after a trip to Bolivia. While travelling through the country we were amazed to see how popular knitting was and how skillful the knitters we met were! In addition to the human talent, Bolivia produces high-quality wool such as alpaca and pure wool and these materials lead to the creation of high-quality knits suitable for the cold temperatures that prevail in the country.

On our return to Europe, it was clear to us that we had to bring these skills home and produce a collection of warm knits for our children. The items are designed in Switzerland and produced by a team of knitters we recruited in Bolivia – Little Maille is a collaboration between the two countries – the knitters our partners.

Little Maille is a return to authenticity, to the pleasure of doing something ourselves, to seize the real value of hand-made knits and to move away from mass production.

We want to offer warm, confortable knits for your kids, at an affordable price, whilst respecting the environment, the people and the animals.

Welcome to the world of Little Maille!


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